Just wondering..

Are the people who are against abortion allowed to eat eggs? or caviar? or eggs with caviar? hm.and btw, I'm not against it.  
pixpox Jul 30, 2007
pixpox Jul 30, 2007
pixpox Jul 30, 2007
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  • Religion: Buddhist
  • Smoke: Yes
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  • Occupation: pissed love fighter/ dealer

About Me:

Jenny. Obsessed love fighter on the run away from the coldhearted mainstream.
Every morning I fight my own demons, trying to figure out what the day will bring.
I follow my heart, and My heart only, I learn from my Own mistakes,
Thinking my Own thoughts and make my Own bed.
I'm an incurable daydreamer.
I never have a haircut or a haircolour longer then a month.
I've moved around almost all my life and I think I can take care of myself.
I enjoy to be challenged and to stand up and fight for what I believe in.
I have a big need to always express myself, It doesn't matter if it's in words,
colours, photograhy or clothes but I need it, Or else I'll explode.
I'm trying to be as original as possible but that's pretty hard nowdays,
everwhere you turn you see another you.
I can't leave the house without locking the door twice.
I tend to say "And when I heard about whatsoever, I was like "FUCK YEAH!"" to often.
My humor is sick and pretty much laugh at the things you'd cry about.
Sometimes I wish my parents would have told me about how beautiful the world
is and how wonderful people can be, Not just what a bad place it has become and
how people want to kill eachother and money is the most imporant thing..
I don't trust people that don't trust me.
I have a small problem with authority.
Life's to short to listen to bad music so I'm always looking for new bands.
I'm addicted to caffeine and I need at least one cup of coffee every morning to be
able to focus and make something good of the day.
And yea, Don't add me if you don't gonna talk to me, I'm not just another number
in your profile, Thnx!

Favorite Music:

Miss Li, Dispatch, John Butler Trio, The Beatles, Missy Higgins, Oasis.